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“The Bamboo Lodge Resort & Restaurant” 

the interior design of this place is spot on. The whole resort is made from and decorated with bamboo. It gives you the feeling of your holiday home garden which I found very joyful and pleasing.


Discover the best Rayong attractions in and around Mae Phim Beach during your stay at “Bamboo Lodge”


Discover our Artist & Decorator

Expert painting & Thai Arts ; Mr. Phum


Bamboo Lodge is located a few steps from the stunning and tranquil Mae Phim  beach, 

On the way from Bangkok to Rayong, the journey took only a couple of
hours (2.30hrs) to a beautiful lodge. The place that offers a ‘feel-like-home’ eco villa. A simply perfect place for you to stay.

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Laem Mae Phim Beach Krum,
Klang District, Rayong

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Our Hours : 12:00am-10:00pm
Monday : Closed

Bamboo Bar : 7:30pm-2:00am
Thursday / Friday / Saturday

Lake View Shabu : Reservation Only

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